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About Us

A Cloud Company...

Our Roots.

We were established in 2009, and our focus has always been on enabling our customers by providing them with tailor made on-line technology solutions. We believed then, and still do today that by designing, building and running custom technology solutions for our customers they are given an advantage in their respective markets as they are able to dictate the functionality and support they require from technology as opposed to having to adopt their business models and processes in order to accommodate technologies, solutions and applications.

It might only be a cloud, but it is here to stay.

Our Objective.

Our objective is to enable our customers to be successful, as our success is completely dependent on theirs.

We strive to achieve this by removing unnecessary complexity from their technology and business environments, as we believe this enables them to be more responsive to change,  and more cost effective.

We believe that by doing this our customers are better positioned to serve their customers, and be successful in their markets.

Technology is a useful servant, but a dangerous master.

Our Views.

We are firm believers that the future of technology involves cloud computing to a huge degree, and we have therefor chosen to align ourselves with some of the key players in the cloud computing space. We are certified Amazon Web Service and Google partners, and we provide various services that enable our customers to leverage the benefits and cost savings associated with using the services provided by these market leaders.
We are stuck with technology, when all we really want is just stuff that works.