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Our Services

We build, we run.

We provide the following services:

Bespoke Software Development
Being a software development company at heart we have years of experience in developing and running technology solutions for our customers. We offer world-class software development services spanning the entire software development life cycle, and including web development technologies like the popular LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and JAVA. Our services include the development of a range of systems and integrations from standalone websites to enterprise-grade workflow solutions for our corporate customers.
Fully Managed Solutions
Designing, managing, monitoring and running technology infrastructure are highly specialized tasks that could have drastic implications on your business if not done correctly. Being a technology company running various platforms for our customers over the last decade we are well equipped and experienced to do this. We typically offer fully managed solutions for our customers, including capacity management, backups, infrastructure management, monitoring and support desk.

Why work with us?

We have a dynamic team of highly capable individuals, who pride themselves on delivering innovative solutions by leveraging our experience and business partners.


We have a dynamic team of highly capable individuals who are well qualified and experienced.

Our Business

Having been established in 2009 we are a proven business with a solid customer base.

Our Partners

We are affiliated with highly reputable business partners who support us every step of the way.