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Our Customers

The sole reason for our existance

Below are some of our key customers

Van der Hoven Attorneys
Van der Hoven Attorneys is a South African firm of attorneys and conveyancers specialising in the National Credit Act. They use a custom-developed technology platform allowing them to offer nationwide legal solutions to their customers. This technology platform was developed and is maintained by Servsol Software Solutions.
Finsafe is a registered financial services provider offering various financial products, but specialising in Credit Life Insurance, also known as Credit Linked Insurance or Credit Cover. Servsol Software Solutions have developed a bespoke insurance platform for Finsafe, allowing them to provide specialized services in their target market.
Intuitive provides modular debt counselling management software that is used by multiple of the top 5 debt counsellors in South Africa. The software is intuitive by design, allows for a fully personalised experience, and is customised to business needs. This solution has been developed by Servsol Software Solutions.
Intuitive PDA (iPDA) is a registered Payments Distribution Agency licensed by the NCR in South Arica. The iPDA collects and distributed funds via a custom-developed financial switch on a daily basis. This switch was developed and is maintained by Servsol Software Solutions.